By playing with saturated color palettes and simplistic shapes, Maggie's work explores the relationship between humans and the living world around us. Primarily focusing on landscapes and wildflowers, She stays true to Her love of over-saturated colors by painting with unrealistic tones. 

Born and raised in Martell, Nebraska, Maggie has always admired the outdoors and the beauty that surrounded Her. She graduated from Norris High School in Firth, Nebraska, and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where She studied Photojournalism. Shortly after Heusinkvelt began at UNL, She uprooted herself and moved to Omaha to pursue a career as an artist instead.  Now almost five years into Her career, She has found a love for public art. With five public murals in Omaha and two more in Lincoln, she hopes to continue a career as a mural artist.

As a member of a large community and as an individual, Maggie has found that Her purpose in life is to bring joy and happiness to the world. By "Choosing joy and spreading love," She has found that creating provides the outlet to bring that love back into the world. Though this life may be tough at times, there is always a reason to be joyous. Some things take a little searching for, but it's the constant search for light that will keep you going.